Prior to viewing a home and meeting with me, all customers, clients and agents must adhere to the New York State Phase 2, 3 & 4 Re-opening Program.  For all phases, the guidelines on how to show the property, the information we must obtain from the seller and buyers, remain the same.

We are mandated to keep a "contact log," of all customers and clients including date and time.  

Before entering a property, agents are required to have all parties fill out a screening questionnaire (Client Customer Covid-19 Self-Assessment Form) see below.  We will keep these in your file.  

You must wear a face covering, gloves and shoes coverings as highly suggested. 

We will provide you with a NOTIFICATION CARD. (see below)

Prior to meeting with me, I will email, text or present you with certain forms to be filled out. 

COVID-19 Phase 2 Guidelines

Please read and become familiar.

Contact Log


As mandated by New York State Guidelines

Client/Customer Covid-19 Self-Assessment form 

As mandated by New York State Guidelines 


Business as usual? It's more like,
'Business Unusual'!

As your Realtor, we are educated and well informed on how to help you during this time.

Covid-19 Phase 2

Covid-19 Client/Customer Self-Assessment Form

Prior to showing your home ALL must fill out this form along with the Contact Notification provided 48hr.s prior to the appointment.

The agent and homeowner reserves the right not to show the property if any of these forms are not completed.  For further information please contact the Department of State or take a look at the NYSAR link.

It's about everyones safety including the agents and brokers!